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Aerators / Fountains

Aeration Line

Otterbine Aeration Fountains provide plenty of aeration, the simple beauty of the Sunburst, Gemini & Saturn units is created through an open-throat impeller design that allows them to move over three times more water than the Decorative Patterns.

Decorative Line

These Systems are designed to create intricate, striking displays. They are ideal for those desiring a ‘fountain-like’ display with the additional benefit of aeration.

Fractional Series

The Fractional Series includes four interchangeable patterns and a horizontal mixer to provide an excellent circulation with phenomenal water quality management for small ponds.

Industrial Aerators Surface & Subsurface

High Volume – Otterbine’s most powerful surface spray aerator, the High Volume is ideal for managing severe aquatic environments.


Mixers: Triton & Sub Triton – Otterbine’s Mixers are ideal for shallow areas and whenever horizontal flow is needed.

Aspirators: Triton & Sub Triton – The Aspirator transfers oxygen from the water’s surface into the water column through a venturi tube,
creating no surface spray.

Diffused Aeration

Golf course designers and architects often prefer to keep landscape designs serene and calm. With this in mind Otterbine provides the perfect system for these applications with their Air Flo 3 Diffused Aeration System that has no visible pattern.

Giant Fountains

This product is often specified by landscape architects for premier locations whenever a dramatic focus to water feature is desired. For example the Super Nova can throw water an impressive 90ft or 27m.


Small Pond Owners – Fractional Systems

Whether you are in need of strong aeration for water quality management needs, or simply looking for a decorative ‘fountain-like’ pattern to enhance your water feature, Otterbine offers two fractional systems ideal for small ponds.

Fountain Glo Lighting

With Otterbine Fountain Glo light systems you can highlight your aeration and fountain displays into the night time hours while adding value and security to your property.

Click here to take a look at our Otterbine Showcase Gallery for more stunning Otterbine images.


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