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We use only the very best aeration products available (Otterbine Barebo), in all Lakes, Ponds and purpose built water features. Offering you a full consultation we will provide you with detailed drawings, transparent estimates and if needed, water sampling.

All of our Engineers are trained at Otterbine Barebo’s Headquarters in the USA and attend regular refresher courses to ensure we deliver the very best service. We are proud to have been awarded “Contractor of the Year” by Otterbine for 8 of the past 10 years.

Aeration is the most natural water quality management solution; the aim is to introduce aeration into a pond or lake by adding oxygen creating movement to eliminate stagnant

water. Aeration mixes cool water from the bottom with warm surface water helping sustain marine life & eliminating algae & foul odours. In addition to providing this vital function Otterbine Barebo Aerator Fountains provide many other benefits plus a pleasing visual display. Otterbine Barebo Aerators are considered to be the most effective tools available.


We design and build
bespoke irrigation systems
for golf courses, stadia,
racecourses, gardens,
and recreational parks.


Our expert engineers
provide reliable, efficient
and cost effective servicing
for all types of irrigation


Learn more about our
bespoke, high-quality
aeration systems for all
lakes, ponds and purpose
built water features.


Take a look at our
booster pump set
division - newly added
to our ever increasing


We specialize in providing
solutions for all types of
sports surfaces, offering
both automatic & manual
irrigation systems.